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       Situated on the east bank of estuary of the Granvert River, the city of Triskellian stands watch over the Bay of Auvrich and is the gateway to the interior of Calabria. The city is old, yet is built upon the ruins of an even older city. Rumors claim that some of the oldest buildings date from a time before any modem historian would dare postulate.

       Don Jon Rinaldi founded the city where the Granvert River met the Bay of Auvrich for both its strategic importance and for the political significance of having his capital be the cultural successor of the ancient city that stood prevously where Triskellian now does. The Rinaldi established themselves in Triskellian and its environs, and Don Jon’s realm prospered. As the population expanded, new buildings were built outside of the original city wall, and eventually a new wall was built surrounding the entire town. The area within the old wall is commonly referred to as Old Town, and the remainder called New Town.

       Transport of goods overland was dangerous and expensive. Since the Rinaldi controlled the mouth of the Granvert River and the Bay of Auvrich, they were able to monopolize trade occurred by river and by sea. In time, Triskellian grew to become the most important city on Calabria. The population grew, and merchants and their products poured into the city, lured by the wealth of the city. Gradually, the drawing power of Triskellian’s markets even drew overland trade, and individuals and goods funneled into Triskellian along the carefully maintained Rinaldi Road and its subsidiary routes.

       The Rinaldi hold a great amount of sway over the other houses, as it is in their city where fortunes are made and lost. It is here where you can find the finest Avoirdupois armor, not in Sauldre. If you seek the best Doloreaux gems, search the markets of Triskellian, not Bruges. Even timber from the far-off lands of the Bisclavret can be purchased without having to hire a ship. But if it is a ship is required, Triskellian’s dockyards are where the best vessels and crews can be found. You can find more than the best of things here- you can, if you know in which shady comers to look, find the unimaginable or the unspeakable.

       Despite the splendor of Triskellian, the Rinaldi are not without their troubles. The vulpine nobility have spent too much time resting on their laurels and coasting on their city’s success. The Rinaldi have been lax in their civic duties and have been increasingly consumed with infighting, which has allowed the Guild Council to take control over much of the city’s administration and economy. Because of this, the bulk of the city’s affairs take place in the new districts, near the dockyards, the power base of the Guilds.
       Some claim that the Rinaldi loss of control over their own city is due to their recent conversion to s’Allumer. They cite the disappearance of one of the duchesses because of her refusal to come into the Light as evidence. Others whisper that the Rinaldi have made secret deals with dark forces which have brought success to Triskellian, but at a horrible price to the Rinaldi family.

       Regardless, the cunning Rinaldi still rule with an iron fist and keep a steady eye on their markets. They are far from powerless; in the event that trouble should arise, the Rinaldi are well-defended by more than military might. Their strength lies primarily in the market and the Church. Moreover, their city is home to many of the Houses’ highest nobles, whose fortunes will not be easily taken. Additionally, the powerful Guild Council controls the city’s Constabulary, neither of which would welcome an invading force. Therefore, Triskellian’s mightiest asset, it’s prosperity, is also its mightiest shield. In addition to controlling the Constabulary, the Guild Council also controls the dockyards, the gates, the libraries … everything within the city is under its thumb save the deed to Triskellian itself.

       The waters surrounding Triskellian remain navigable during even the harshest winter due to it being Calabria’s southernmost port. Hills and farmland lay to the city’s north and east. With water on two sides, Triskellian is in an easily-defended position. No single Noble house has the resources to both siege and blockade the city, so should one army decide to lay siege, the city’s allies can resupply it by land or water.

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