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A large wild boar-sized herbivore that usually live in herds on the grassy plains nearby forests. Maxilleons have natural plates on their rough skin like a carapace, protecting them from predators while also absorbing and insulating heat from the sun in colder temperatures. These creatures have thin ear-flaps in which cool the blood running through them, lowering their overall temperature, and swats away pests or particles from reaching their sensitive eyes. Their large tusks are utilized in combat should they find themselves threatened, gouging their aggressor with horrific wounds.

Much like lions, mature maxilleons have manes surrounding their cranium and jawline. The nature of them, however is a mystery in which several theories have sprouted. One such widely accepted theory describes the manes to be used for a competitive mating ritual in which the male rocks his head side to side trying to impress a female with his flowing mane. If there is a challenger for the female, this rhythmic motion is said to be used aggressively to intimidate the opposing male before charging at the opposition with his tusks. If the female is impressed, she returns the ritual in which they circle each other to show their affection. Unfortunately, there is no documented evidence of this ritual other than the aftermath markings of which the theory was founded upon.

Females generally are smaller in size with shorter tusks and manes.

Wild maxilleons are often caught and corralled like a more exotic version of cattle or hunted for their meat. Tough but delicious; most places that sell food have their meat as a staple product (like beef) and cooked in ways just as various. Due to their robust nature, they are utilized for many things including riding, carrying baggage, or doing physical labor. Maxilleons are an expensive addition to normal livestock, however their universal utility makes them worth the denar. It isn’t all too rare to see the prosperous taking a stroll on one, decorated to their liking and occasionally one can see an armored maxilleon taking lead of an authoritative patrol. Many believe that these creatures are overpriced on the market because of how common they are, which isn’t entirely incorrect. People whom have once ever trained a maxilleon know the price’s true reason. Teaching them is easy enough, but their temperament is often the problem. “To be a maxie is to be a rhino…” is the most popular term coined among Calabrians who understand.

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