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Calabrians, being of a land of anthropomorphic sentient creatures, do not infer themselves by the human definition of animals nor does in the common Calabrian language exist such a word that differentiates the two sentient beings. They refer to each other by species and generally treat those of feral society, as they would a third-world society. Though the word ‘animal’ is still utilized, the human understanding of ‘animals’ are but uncivilized shadows of what Calabrians once were; some them intelligent enough to understand the new language founded by their successors and others keeping to their old ways through stubbornness. However, the common phrase ‘every creature’ is used normally opposed to ‘every critter,’ in which refers to all beings of life—including feral—versus all feral forms of life.
For ease of understanding, the term ‘animals’ in this Wiki will refer to the feral, uncivilized creatures that exist in the world of Ironclaw.

Search Tag Reference –
Each page has one of these at the bottom for your convenience. What these contain are a compilation in categorization of tags to be found on a for a specific page within a section of the Wiki so that it is easier to filter and find what you are looking for. Cool, so how does one use it?

For example, let’s say you’re trying to find what a Maxilleon is within the Animals section of the Wiki but have no idea what its name is nor what classification it is. You scroll down to the bottom and find the “Search Tag Reference: …” for the page where it lists the possible tags within the Animals page to find what you are searching for. Let’s say you still can’t find the page because you are unable to remember the specific tag name to search. You can click on Search Tag Reference for the all the tags made in that section and search for the exact tags you require to find your page.

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