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This page details how to use Obsidian Portal’s basic functions and pages that I’ve created to optimize your roleplaying experience. It contains info about each page and what they do along with the best way to use them. (They are listed in the order that they appear on the front page.)

|Top Toolbar|A toolbar to navigate and utilize personal functions around the website. The first top-left dropdown bar is used for signing in or out as well as viewing personal account profiles (and allows upgrade to Ascendant membership.) The “Mail/Chat-Bubble” assists in checking new, unread inbox messages. The “Campaign” dropdown bar lists and links to campaigns/RPs that a player is apart of. The “+ New” dropdown bar directs players to creation of brand new characters, information pages, campaigns, and events. The Search bar helps find pages by title, tags, and pages with similar content within all pages that exist in the campaign. The “Thumbtack”… well… actually, I have no clue what this button does, however I would assume that it saves campaigns that players found interest in (probably without being one of the campaign’s members.)

       {The charcoal utility bar is pretty self-explanatory, but this description might help explain the nuances of its features so that it may be used more effectively.}

|Updates|Includes all updates made to the RP in a comprehensive list from newest to oldest including the RP’s content which players use interact. Some examples consist of important edits/additions to the website/Wikis, setting edits, faction/kingdom edits, rule adjustments, significant adjustments to story, new custom species/animals, and new custom items available.

       {The most important function of the Updates page is keeping log of all changed content during the RP’s lifespan with dates so that changes can be referenced by any player when significant. It also doubles as dedicated section for notifications of new fixes and implementations for this RP and its tools}

|Forum|A link to the RP’s Facebook group home page which will be used as a substitute for a forum. It can hold content similar to that of an actual forum and is much more simple to maintain. Any discussions, multi-media, and events related and unrelated to the RP without being in-character should be made there so it can be logged and time-stamped.

       {Most of people know how to use Facebook in regards to discussions and adding media content. It has familiarity so navigating and managing is simple as is moderating and keeping it secure. Also, since Facebook is familiar, most already have an account therefore bypassing the tedious process of creating forum membership.}

|Calendar|A link to the RP’s Facebook group towards its ‘events’ section. A calendar’s function is to keep track of dates and significant occurrences, therefore Facebook’s event page within the group will suffice and doubles in utility by notifying players with Facebook accounts of important RP events taking place either soon or in the future

       {As stated in the Forum section of this guide, because of Facebook’s familiarity it is fairly simple to manage and set-up important upcoming RP dates. Players should feel free to add their own important events, but keep in mind all user added content will be monitored.}

|Adventurers’ Hub|A metaphorical workbench for players and characters. This area is the central for custom player-made pages that can be utilized in myriads of ways, each of its subpages having a bazaar-like property and a non-specific posting classification. Some examples of possible new topics to manifest are: a town’s weekly newspaper, a character’s personal journal, an alchemist’s logs on conducted experiments, a guild’s recruitment procedure in full detail, a player’s notes for keeping track of their character’s deductions through clues, a player-made custom language which lists a couple idioms or phrases a character frequently uses, a complete price listing for goods in a character run store, or warnings/brochures/polls/ads/wanted posters pinned on a town’s noticeboard.

       {Simply put, make pages and be as creative one pleases. This page’s sole purpose is to serve players’ needs, providing blank slates for creative content run by players and NPCs, adding social dynamic to the world. Subjects listed here are public domain so if the content is to be specific character knowledge only, this is not the area to place notes.}

|Players|A list of every single player participating in the RP in alphabetical order. The page provides a reference so that other players may examine: the characters a player masquerades as, usual times available for RP, contributions made to the RP, and additional information or talents chosen to exposé.

       {Wonder who plays a new character never seen in RP before? Need to contact a player outside of RP means? Curious to see whomever provides the most content to the RP? Such questions are amended with the use of this page along with any recorded information required regarding specific players.}

|Multi-Media|A link to the Facebook group’s photo and video section. It is highly encouraged to produce artwork and other media forms of characters and adventures. If one spent the time to make art inspired by the RP, why not share the piece in the group’s gallery?

       {As stated in the Forum section of this guide, because of Facebook’s familiarity it is fairly simple to upload work to website. Feel welcome to dedicate and organize albums into personal sections.}

|Downloads|This link leads to Google Drive in which books, tools, and other materials can be downloaded for this RP. As this RP world runs on an existing universe from a tabletop game called “Ironclaw”, it would be wise to briefly read the core book and its supplements contained inside the drive.

       {It is doubtful that the drive will be used for anything other than “Ironclaw” books, but if there are any additional data-related content in this RP’s future it will be uploaded on this drive. It is urged for players to read a some parts of the books provided, mainly the setting, the terms used, the factions, and a little history behind the world all the characters preside in.}

|Dashboard|Contains a ‘quick glance’ at what is going on in the main storyline currently as well as changes made to the Obsidian Portal website… As for exact details: it has the Adventure Log with the most recent events ordered from top to bottom, Stream containing the recent changes made to Obsidian Portal (including player changes), Player Group which has a list of all the players of this RP including what characters they play and their inbox to send them private mail, and finally the very bottom consisting information and directories to other places of Obsidian Portal.

       {The Dashboard should be taken and used at face value; it is a quick glance therefore use it as so unless the player wishs to explore other places of Obsidian Portal.}

|Adventure Log|A log of brief monuments in story significant adventures along with the gradual evolution of RP world. The log consists of entries from the overall combination of crafted stories from all the players’ characters over set periods of time and world-changing milestones. Keeping track in summary of time and memories passed, it can be used to reference past occurrences or reminisce the good and bad as history.

       {An excellent area to start for new players in getting caught up to current events as well as planning for the future. Players are encouraged to edit this log as their own within each milestone entry made by the Admin or Moderators. Feel free to contact a superior to edit incorrect information or made additions to a log, though keep in mind that information provided will be modified to adhere with consistency and briefness… because no one wants to read massive walls of text in a summarization.}

|Wiki|The trunk of the RP’s knowledge tree. As more Wiki pages are developed, each are rooted back to this page, the Calabrian Codex. This section is dedicated to information all things Calabrian from the world’s common goods to its animal habitats. If it exists within the RP, then there should be something listed about the subject on the Wiki, common to advanced knowledge.

       {Like a dictionary, players should use the Wiki to reference subjects about Calabria that they require clarification. However, unlike a dictionary, it is encouraged for players to assist in pooling knowledge bases, editing and creating pages as adventures press on. A whole world is quite a big place to detail by oneself.}

|Characters|The comprehensive list of every character existing within the RP. Here is where biographies, backstories, details, and general statistics about different characters are inspected. A search bar is provided to find the specific characters players are looking for. Don’t know the name? Look up their species or their profession, such details should be tagged along with the character for easy searching.

       {Most RPers know how to utilize this tool. It normally is used in tandem with RPs in progress to obtain a better description of the characters the player is interacting with. It also works as a reference for players who need a refresher on whom a character is.}

|Items|A list that categorizes and organizes items existing within the RP in a fashion where it can be easily found with a search. Details of the abilities and properties these items have are entailed inside each entry along with the item’s backstory (if available) and cultural uses.

       {Similar to the character page in which includes a search bar to find a specific item. Tags should be made if applicable on what material the item is mainly composed of, its use, its primary color, how common it is, its market value, whom has possession over it, whom crafted it, its origin, its major effects, and its side effects.}

|Maps|Contains maps of the world, from the continent to a forgotten dungeon. By selecting to view a map, it allows the viewer to zoom in and out for details whilst scrolling around different regions,

       {The map of Calabria shows the expansive world that the characters live in. Though the main story for New Beginnings will focus around the city of Triskellian, sometimes adventure diverges to a different locations. Use the maps available as reference in developing plot-lines and other stories. If available, it would be much appreciated if those with map crafting abilities lend to the resources inside this section.}

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How to Use Obsidian Portal

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