Ven Daren

Male Horse, Adventurer


Ven Daren is a male horse, 25 years of age. He is primarily brown in color with white splotches along his back and shoulders, as though a careless home renovator accidentally dumped a bucket of paint onto him. He measures in at nineteen and a quarter hands, and weighs in at twelve-point-two stone. By birthright he is a mustang at heart, but several generations removed. Ven still bears the traditional shoulder branding, at the insistence of his grandparents.

You can normally find Ven wearing cotton and denim clothing. Anything really light, breathable, and durable given the amount of running from place to place he tends to do. He favors earth colors: Green, brown, and all combinations thereof. It makes him feel more at one with his surroundings.

At all times Ven has a small dagger on his person, and while hardly ever using it he’s grown proficient with it. More often than not, Ven tries to avoid conflict by running away quicker than he can be pursued. The dagger is for those rare times when he has no other choice.


Hailing from the southern shores, Ven Daren grew up in a small town which acted as the local thoroughfare outpost for the nearby seaport and inland travel corridor. He was raised by third generation mustangs, who had long since settled down into the domestic life. But the spark of wanderlust drove Ven to pursue less sedentary occupations.

For Ven, quickness of tongue did not follow suit with his swift legs. And tripping up in his speech, ever since he was a colt, has caused him to carefully measure his rarer-than-most words. Do not assume his quietness is disinterest or inattention, for if his ears are up and his eyes are open, he surely has heard every word and then some.

Having mustang blood, Ven has the propensity to not stay in the same place for too long. Aside from his childhood in the southern shores, Ven hasn’t remained in the same town, village, city, or dwelling for more than a few seasons. More often than not it’s much shorter. And this has had an obvious effect on his relationships with others.

Friendships with Ven are shortlived at best, and tend to be more functional, bred from necessity and convenience, than personal. Romances are even more sparse, as Ven has a deep-seated aversion to anything that might resemble commitment. Paired with a general fear and distrust of strangers, he is harder to get close to than most. As his grandfather always said, somewhat hypocritically, “Death before the halter.”

Ven Daren

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