Talvi Twister

A Dragoness blue green scales cover her body, with richer blue claws and hair-eqsue spikes are dotted along her spine


Age: Talvi a dragoness with the appearance of 20

Personality: favors body language rather than her voice, she’s relatively earnest she stays out of the spotlight and it more interested in the betterment of the world around her, usually through small deeds of good. Her voice is gentle and smooth with a small cool temperature to it, suggesting her breath to be frost/ice. Its rare to see her ever actually use her breath, its far to flashy for her taste. She much rather take advantage of her dexterous tail when it comes to interacting with her world, grasping objects or showing affection. Her claws are saved for rougher encounters. Even her body I cool to the touch, she prefers to stay in the sun or heated areas and finds, fascination with fire.

Ability:Her greatest strengths are in her agility she often relies on one quick motion to take her enemies by surprise often favoring a quick knockout or escape than a drawn out battle or use of lethal force.

Talvi Twister

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