Salivus Noste

Frilled Lizard / Silver Tongued Devil


Age: Thirty Seven

Short description: Being a Reptile of the frilled variety he is covered from head to toe in greenish tan scales. Having a rather thin body type verging on looking malnourished and deathly. He tends to wear brownish leather garb that match his merchant lifestyle. Shrewd and extremely cunning his skill leans on his persuasive and manipulative tactics. As a merchant he’s got a sly tongue and quick hands. Considering most of his income comes from stealing from his customers and selling fake relics.

Short background: Salavis grew up in slums, abused, mistreated, and spit upon by anyone of even slightly higher stature than him. It wasn’t their fault though, he knew that. The world he lived in was one of great prospect, he would show them, he’d show them all. He honed his craft, pick pocketing, bartering, and persuasion were his tools and the Market his battlefield. From nothing he grew a network of spies. First he had one boy who would tell him where the Noble Women went to shop, then a Man who would hound his competition, and so on and so forth. As his network grew his need to actually sell goods trickled to a halt. He was still a Merchant, but instead of bauble’s he sold information to the highest bidders. Nothing was private when Salavis was involved, nothing. The man had no enemies after all, he knew all their dirty secrets. He was living the good life, a life of ease and wealth, that was, until it all came crashing down on top of him. His spies betrayed him and his name was sullied, but he vowed revenge on the Man, or Woman that caused this mutiny. Though ten years later he still has no idea who or even why he was cast out of the network he created, now he simply sells cheap trash for outrageous prices to whoever may be gullible enough to buy from him. Some say though that he still may posses a trinket or two from his past, of course speculation can be deadly.

Salivus Noste

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