Klein Hartfell

Lycanthrope / Mystic Blacksmith


A rather handsome young white lycanthrope with charcoal black fur around his legs. His eyes are a golden and sharp as an eagle’s and has short bangs that are styled wildly.


Place of Birth: Forest provence of the Bastion of Life.

Age: 21

Background: Growing up in a remote part of the forest within the Bastion of Life, Klein was raised sheltered from most of the Unrest world other then from clients whom visited their humble abode often. Like most artisan families he was trained under his father, Tharus Hartfell a very reputable lycan blacksmith of Bastion, learning as an apprentice at a very young age. Being taught the trade, he learned artistic to practical metalworking from display pieces to weapons and kitchenware… however his skills weren’t only honed strictly to metal, but also enchanting. His father’s abilities in smithing were more than excellent, but his notoriety comes from imbuing equipment with magical components. With great business connections in Baribria, Tharus is able to create many of the rarer mystical properties cheaper and have them much more readily available than any other enchanter within the nation and thus exposing Klein to the proper care and utilization of such materials often as well as the methods in dealing with clients and conducting trade. As for his education Melitta Hartfell, his earthpony mother, home-schooled him basic life studies.

During Klein’s teenage years, he became more aware of the existence of the outside world and its inhabitance. With curiosity burning inside him, he badgered his mother for knowledge of the world outside that she was mostly unable to provide him adequately as he’d like. His skills from his father gradually but surely solidified growing into adulthood till his father could no longer provide him any more techniques, the rest he required repeated experience to master. Constantly unsatisfied with what his parents had left to offer him, eventually a resolution came to light… It was time to leave. Able to persuade his family, reluctantly his father gave Klein an ultimatum to his request. He was to explore the world, questing to master new blacksmithing and enchanting techniques from others. Eagerly obliging, he was given enough coin for three months, trail rations for a few weeks, a fine set of artisan tools, and as many magical components as he could carry without hindering his mobility among other basic necessities.

… And begins the adventures of Klein Hartfell, the traveling blacksmith.

Klein Hartfell

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