Wes Jarfr

Female Wolverine | Hunter/Scavenger (Gulo was a good name fuck you guys)


Wes has an athletic build, most notable is her broad shoulders. Her hide is thick, and she has a sandy brown colored, hydrophobic coat with a darker brown muzzle, collar, underbelly, and legs. She is usually seen in black colored, lightweight leather clothing adorned with fur from her kills.


Age: 20

Diet: Omnivore, though if she had to choose between meat and plants, meat would win, hands down. Though plants and berries make up most of her diet (catching big game is no easy task), she has been known to eat carrion as well (that is only usually in the winter, when food is not readily available).

Background: An orphaned wolverine raised by field mice, who taught her how to hunt with a bow and arrow once she was able to walk, how to read and write, and what berries were okay to eat, which ones would give her the runs for days, and which ones that could potentially kill her. She also learned that, although the bow was good for ranged attacks, her best means of offense as well as defense were her teeth and claws (having a jaw capable of literally ripping trees to shreds was an excellent tool). By the age of twelve, Wes was capable of taking down big game on her own. The mice found it off-putting that Wes would actually consume the meat, but they were thankful for the fur and pelts that they could use.

Wes enjoyed traveling far from her home to track game, which worried her adoptive parents to no end. She could always count on coming home to a long lecture about how unsafe it was to travel alone, and it was a lecture that went through one ear and out the other. She would eventually leave the care of the mice, unable to fight off the “lone wolf” syndrome that tends to run in her species.

Wes Jarfr

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