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(Note: When using these tags, some have a base word, such as biome . When searching add the base and type words together… For example, “biome ocean” or “price expensive.”)

Appearance – mane, tusks

Biomes – biome desert, grassy plains, ocean

Carry Capacities – carry weak, average, strong

Biological Classification – amphibian, arthropod, avian, cnidarian, fish, mammal, managenus, mollusk, mythical, reptile, victus mycobota

Climates – arid, highlands, humid continental, humid subtropical, ice cap, marine coast, semiarid, subarctic, tropical wet, tropical wet & dry, tundra

Daylight Activity – crepuscular, diurnal, nocturnal

Diet – bacterivore; carnivore, hypercarnivore, hypocarnivore, mesocarnivore; coprophagia, detritivore, fungivore, geophagy; herbivore, folivore, frugivore, graminivore, granivore, nectarivore, osteophagy, palynivore, xylophagy; omnivore, planktivore, xenophagy

Edibility – edible or inedible; edibility soft, chewy, tough

Features – armorable

Habitat Temperatures – habitat frozen, frigid, cold, cool, warm, hot, sweldering, boiling

Heath Status – health robust

Intellect – intellect simple, average, moderately smart, smart, genius, prodigal

Magical Ability – magic none, little, some, innate, adept, overwhelming

Market Price – price bargain, cheap, average, pricey, expensive, ridiculous, priceless

Method of Locomotion – biped, flight, quadraped,

Mount Type – mount; packmount; warmount, warmount light, medium, heavy

Nutritional Value – nutrition disgusting, horrible, bad, bearable, meager, average, decent, good, excellent, magnificent, ambrosia

Pelt Type – pelt furry, fuzzy, jagged, needled, rough, rugged, scaled, slimy, slippery, smooth, soft

Pet – pet

Rarity – rarity almost everywhere, abundant, very common, common, uncommon, rare, mythical, legendary

Size – size fine, diminutive, tiny, small, medium, large, huge, gargantuan, colossal

Speed – speed lame, slow, moderately slow, average, fast, swift, blinding

Taste – taste disgusting, horrible, bad, bearable, meager, average, decent, good, excellent, magnificent, ambrosia

Teachability – teach elementary, simple, easy, moderate, hard, daunting, challenge

Temperment – temper friendly, neutral, aggressive

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Search Tag Reference - Animals

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