Lumina Fae

Female Jackalope/Wandering Priestess


At first encounter, Lumina is an enigmatic sort because she is dressed head to toe in grey robes and a black, hoodless cloak embroidered with intricate silver patterns.

Beneath her garb, she has a white coat of fur with black accents on her muzzle, paws, and the tips of her ears. Fleshy bits such as her nose and paw pads are a soft pink, and a spray of thin white whiskers fan out from the sides of her muzzle. Her antlers are only about 4 inches tall, and are branched much like that of a whitetail deer.
Lumina makes up for her small stature with speed and agility, though she wields no weapons or fighting experience other than an inscribed dagger sheathed inside of her robes. Her only magic abilities include growth and healing, which can be applied to both plants and creatures to a certain extent.


Age: 19

Backstory: Lumina was born in a tribe of gentle, peace-loving forest creatures (commonly deer, rabbits, squirrels, etc.) that worship the moon and stars. Every aspect of their lives revolve around their religion, which encourages love and respect for nature, for each other, and for oneself. The tribe is divided into different clans, each with at least two representative priestesses that aid in governing the tribe as a whole. Priestesses are chosen at birth, and spend their young lives in intense training of the magic that first gave the tribe purpose. They are sent on a long journey at eighteen to travel around the world with no purpose other than to aid those who need it. Typically, they are not allowed to return until they have found some way to make a significant impression on at least three different cultures.
Unfortunately, this is a dangerous practice for the tribe because its timid inhabitants start off with no knowledge of the outside world and must find ways to protect themselves. There is a history of priestesses that have been lost forever due to a number of accidents and the evil intentions of others, but priestesses that return from this spiritual journey are granted with gifts of power, wisdom, and longevity.
Lumina has been on this journey for a year now, and has had little to no luck making an impact; the cruel world and its distrusting inhabitants make her work very difficult.

Lumina Fae

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